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Voices Capture - Method

In the photo: my equipment both daily and the one I use for the communication with friends in beyond. I use the computer, screen, keyboard, mouse, two notebook speakers, a headset with microphone and the free program Audacity 2.1.1 for capturing and editing the voices. I do not use any background noise as radio, phonemes, white noise and others, because I have no results.


To hear the audio, I recommend using headphones.


Some of the voices speak in languages other than Portuguese, but the translated sentence in the text is between brackets next to the original. You will hear some voices expressing themselves in Portuguese and others in Portuguese but with an Italian accent and this certainly because I am Italian. Note that most of the recordings are accompanied in the background by different sounds.


Soon after the death of my father on May 20, 1992 and after approximately 10 days of his passing, my initial enthusiasm made me believe that the voice captured in the recorder was his. At first perhaps it was his voice, but until today my doubts persist. Particularly as I have explained, I have no access to the world of our beloved who had passed away, but only with non-human species.


I believe I have managed to "open" one of the several existing portals between worlds (ours and theirs) making use of a wave of specific frequency, which enables me to a direct communication (image and voice) with these beautiful and special ones.

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