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The Interdimension



With this report I would like to explain that I do not communicate directly with the world inhabited by human spirits, for I do not have this access. The only way I can do this communication, is through an intermediary that serves as a “bridge” bringing news about these spirits. It is done by the means of psychography or hearing, and in some cases, through clairvoyance. Therefore in any circumstances my intermediary is constantly present.


I will explain below some of the instructions received throughout my 24 years of contacts with the interdimension, including some information captured when voices were recorded through electronic devices. This is called Instrumental Transcommunication – ITC




I will begin with the explanations or teachings I received regarding the composition of the human being called the Divine Trilogy or Thought Structure.


The human being is composed of:


PHYSICAL BODY (the mainstay of the Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Bodies)




PERISPIRIT (or the Spiritual Body = the Physical Body attached to the silver cord) Example: During a NDE (near-death experience).


SPIRIT (or Emotional Body = Physical Body released from the silver cord) Passage to the Spiritual Plan or death.


SOUL (or the Mental Body = the Physical Body completely free from the Emotional and Physical Bodies) Final Crossing, and acquisition of the Complete Memory, as to who this soul was, is and will be. At this stage the soul will contact all the other souls it was related to in every life this soul had, if these other souls are present in the second stage, in other words, in the final crossing.


The life cycle of the human being is synthesized in: Birth / Life on Earth / Physical Death / Spiritual Life / Rebirth of the Physical body, in a continuous and uninterrupted movement.


The Rebirth of the Physical body is our Key, because we are the only spirits in evolution.




I was informed, regarding the passage of the human being to the spiritual plane, that as soon as the human spirit accomplishes this passage, but is still however on Earth’s immediate interdimension, that is in the first stage, here he will be supported and treated by non human beings, and led to suitable places or healing centers until he recovers. While recovering, he can still feel his body and the memory of the physical world. However, as soon as the spirit is healed, he will be taken into a city still in the first stage where he will live, will be aware of  his former lives, understand the strengths and weaknesses he went through, attend rehabilitation courses, study, work etc.. However, he will not be in touch with human inhabitants of the physical plan, except in some very rare and special cases. While the human spirit is healing, he may approach the loved one who remained on Earth, make him feel his "presence" and even manifest by voice. However, once he is healed and performs the final passage, in other words, goes to the second stage, this connection is irretrievably lost, from here on, this communication happens only through a non human intermediary being, and this in turn, connects to humans mediunically developed through psychography or hearing in the terrestrial dimension, who receives news and pass on to the loved ones who are mourning.


Below I describe another situation where the function of these non-human beings is also important.


Assuming that someone dies today, he will go to the other plane hoping to find his mother who has dies years.  When he enters the spiritual realm, he will search for his mother, but she may be in the second stage where there is no return to the first one or even she may even be back in a physical body at some place on Earth. Before he falls into despair, a non-human spirit specialized in taking on the characteristics and even the tone of voice of his mother will execute this function providing encouragement to the spirit of the deceased.


After the human spirit fully recovers and while in the first stage, before performing the last crossing, he will lose all titles acquired during his passage on Earth, becoming a collaborator of these special non human beings, (below I make some comments about these beings), in order to assist and learn how to deal with human spirits newly arrived on the spiritual plane.


After the complete recovery and healing of the human spirit and already aware of his current condition, he will accomplish the final crossing (second stage), losing his identity. When entering the new stage of life, he will abandon his spiritual body, fully assuming his soul or essence, having the ability to access his complete memory, merging with the whole, understanding the true meaning of life, as well as all former he went through.

He will be aware that his body is no longer the same of his last life. He will know that he has had several lives in the physical body as male as well as female, will lose his first and last name, will know that there were other parents in all previous lives, as well as siblings, grandparents, uncles, friends, neighbors, husband / wife, children etc. At this stage, he can make contact with all those who had some kind of a relationship in other lives, if they are present. He will remember all the lives he had lived in the past, future, or present on Earth, as well as his last life. From there, this soul will inhabit this new plane according to the level and degree of his consciousness, where he will study, improve, learn, live and when the time comes to return to Earth, he can be born once more at some place of our planet. I cite as an example: 500 BC in the past or in the present, if he had died in 2016 he can be born again in the same year, or in 3100 in the future, even in another continent than the previous one, as well as country, state, city, have  another father, mother, name and surname, another skin color, sex etc. where he will live as long as it is necessary until his death, which may also occur in the womb or he may even  live to be 100 years or older.


Time on the physical Earth is linear, whereas in the interdimension it is circular. Thus it is impossible to determine the timing in the interdimensional plane. Time is a spiral that contains past, present and future simultaneously.



The non-human life cycle is summarized in: Birth / Spiritual Life / Aging - Rejuvenation / Eternal Life



Because the cycle of rebirth is not an element of the beings or non-human species, they are therefore considered living beings, who possess bodies with very subtle density, inhabitants of the immediate interdimension of the Earth (first stage) and they have the ability to move between planes (theirs and ours).

They are the preservers of nature and assist humans in every way, both in the terrestrial dimensional plan, as in the interdimensional plan. As far as I was told, they were created by the very nature of Earth, i.e. self generated and afterwards multiplied.


Their life cycle is: Birth/ Growth/ Aging - Rejuvenation/ Eternal life, therefore, there is no return. On the other hand, the cycle of life of all fauna and flora because they do not have a soul (Mental Body), but only spirit (Emotional Body) the cycle is: Birth / Spiritual Life / Death. This is the reason there are so many species from the fauna and flora that are already extinct and others that are coming to extinction on Earth, independently of the contribution of human beings in this respect (dinosaurs).

These special non human beings gather in huge groups and each group has a specific function. From receiving the human spirits in the first stage, to leading them to healing centers where they are treated by spirits of non human doctors, together with the spirits of human beings already healed, as I mentioned above - human collaborators. Later the spirits of these human collaborators and the ones fully healed will perform the final crossing (second stage).


These non-human beings are divided in two major groups: the groups of benefactors (levels of consciousness) and the groups of evildoers (unconsciousness levels) and each level is divided into gradations. The group of benefactors are those endowed with the lowest to the highest level of consciousness (the angels among them),whereas the group of evildoers is exactly the opposite, that is, they are those with the lowest to the deepest level of unconsciousness.


I herewith quote an example: when the human spirit has a minimum of consciousness, he joins the group of benefactors according to his level and suitable gradation. Otherwise, he will join the group of evildoers or shadows (those with heavy addictions, murderers, thieves, psychotics, evil, corrupt, evil-minded, etc.), going to the unconscious (the shadows) staying there in absolute solitude, wandering aimlessly, and depending on the level and degree of his unconsciousness, crawling on dirty soil, putrid, with no light, no food, or water, often chained and imprisoned in dungeons, desperate! Much will depend on the nature of that human spirit. After a while he will return to Earth and continue his Continuous Involutionary Cycle, until his existing spark of light deep inside is activated.


The group of benefactors helps us and influences the human beings when we think, act or express good deeds and intentions by thought, word or writing, to others or ourselves. The same occurs with reference to the group of evildoers. They help and influence us when we have bad thoughts, act badly or even when we express bad intentions, by thought, verbally or writing as it relates to others or ourselves. The group of evildoers also helps us, but then the price to pay is too high and is not worth it.


In fact it is necessary to be extremely cautious when establishing contact with the interdimension plane, because depending on the vibration we transmit, it can reach the group of evildoers who inhabit the shadows, and this alliance can cost us too high a price to pay. For example, disorders of all kinds: mental tortures, unexplained illnesses, moral and physical pain, heavy losses in business, etc. It is always necessary to remember that the contacts between the planes are among living beings, and some caution is necessary in dealing with the humans in our physical world, and also with the species that inhabit the Earth’s immediate interdimension, because the spirits of the "dead human" do not cause us any harm.

Returning to the benefactors, there are several groups who help the human being both in spirit as well as in physical body and they are called: servers, rescue workers, counselors, healers, channelers, motivators, etc. among them there are also some specialized in medicine, engineering, architecture, technology etc. there are also artists in general (musicians, writers, painters, sculptors, etc.). All groups are guided in each function by one particular being that stands out among them for being the bearer of great light and wisdom. The non-human spirits influence us both for good and for evil. All depends on our motivations, purposes and intentions, we will always attract our equals.




Regarding the ITC or Communication through Instruments, I leave it clear that I, particularly, was told over the years of communications, never to listen to the reverse of the recordings because they contained without real meanings, its contents were untruths that could cause problems. Also not make use of "bubble" phonemes, "white noise", or radios to capture the voices, because for me the use of these devices would not work, as indeed it never worked. Regarding the photographs, they have asked me to make use only of the silver paper using the daylight falling on it. I was also informed that my communication with them was being held by a powerful wave frequency called Theta, very high speed and very low frequency combined with a lot of universal fluid (ectoplasm) generated from both sides, this substance allows me to enter in their world in an out of body experiment, in order to photograph them or capture their voices through the recordings.


That we, human beings are divided into two groups: the predators or the ones with deformities in the soul (Involutionary) and the group of noble souls or with noble emotion (evolutionary), always according to the levels of consciousness and their respective gradations involving each being. And so much more information. Other information received is that physical life does not exist beyond Earth; that we humans, have been generated by intelligences from the future of the Earth itself and our planet is considered the Karmic Center of the Universe, that is the origin of the evolution (or not) of consciousness ; the aliens as we call them, are in fact humanoid creatures (biological robots) whose creators inhabit the future of the Earth; that the humanoids are among us and sometimes they show themselves and also their spacecrafts, which circulate through the system of the terrestrial dimensional space and live in different places, such as under water in deep oceans, large rivers and lakes, mountainous locations, closed forests, all inaccessible to humans; that the spacecrafts come from the future of the Earth; that the crop circles contain warning messages to mankind, as well as the Nazca lines; that the pyramids built around the Earth are work of engineers and architects who lived in the Earth’s distant future; that the fearsome Greys are small beings of grayish appearance and some of them have physical deformities, inelegant appearance and they have caused problems to countless human beings as well as for wildlife and terrestrial flora due to their experiences in these fields. These beings in particular, are the result of certain human beings morbidity, who performed experiments which are taking place at this time on the earth plan and eventually were generated in the future, a nonsense of the divine nature, the so-called Clones.  




The information received was that the Apostle Judas sought financial improvement by indicating the place where Jesus was going to be to the soldiers who had the order to capture him. At first, Judas did not have this intention, for he thought Jesus could, due to his skills escape from this capture. But at the end, after all the suffering Jesus underwent, culminating in his passage to another level of existence, Judas, filled with remorse for his act, punished himself by taking his own life. Therefore having this in mind, betrayal in this case is out of the question, and even if it was so, we cannot not judge him, and must leave this to the Higher Consciousness.

As for the birth, death and resuscitation of Jesus, the information received, are that it is considered the only true symbol of the unconditional universal love, due to the fact that during his passage on earth he, through his words and actions, left his precious mark deeply recorded in the hearts of all his brothers and around the entire Earth; that his birth occurred by natural means, his mother Mary got naturally pregnant by his father Joseph ; that his death occurred as recorded in history. After he left his physical body, he was buried. Due to the difficulties of his apostles to pay their last respects to him, because they feared to be caught by the executioners of Jesus, they decided to remove his body from the original tomb sometime after his burial and take him to another grave in the farthest place where everyone who loved him could pay their last respect.




The voices often complain too much due to my impatience which leads to lack of attention. According to what they say, my impatience creates difficulty of thinking. On the present page I show one of the audios where I ask if they are human spirits or not - the first voice answers: "You will understand," and the second voice says: "Think".


I open parentheses to tell how I get the answers to my questions. Usually I receive them organized by a group of beings and in a minstrel style. You can hear some voices in this site.


The phrase: "Fiorella think" is a constant in our conversations as well as: "Fiorella devi pensare " (Fiorella, you should think).


Commenting on one of the audios I received some time ago, which generated two years of talks between them and I. It was a question I asked about their view about God and the answer was: "God does not exist"- Several times I returned to the subject, because I was not able to understand their point of view. Finally I managed to gather a variety of information on the subject that they have been passed in the audios for over two years, and after assembling them as a puzzle, I agreed that the final explanations were totally logical.

The conclusion is that God is actually a Law. The Universal Law that governs all of us, the so called Action and Reaction Law, and all who “fear God” have this knowledge. So everything we think, act or express towards goodness will be rewarded, and all of everything we think, act or express towards evil, will be punished no matter in which of our lives, we would harvest the reward or punishment, this will happen imperatively. No one escapes this law because it is implacable!


I end this sequence of events by stating that all those who bring up polemical issues, providing they are well intentioned and purposeful, always add something to the society of which they are part. My purpose in bringing this information is also well-intentioned and useful.


My purpose concerning these voices and photos, is not to prove anything to anyone, because I already have the evidence and proof and they are more than enough. In fact my purpose is being able to neutralize myths and beliefs, bringing to the surface new parameters related to contacts with the interdimension.


I thank you for taking the time to read this.


Fiorella Lattaruli (1948 -  2016)

January 2016


"Consciousness, the basic condition for obtaining Cyclical Evolutionary Progress."


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