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Images Capture - Method

Above two original photos without cutting, noise removing, brightness or contrast. The photo on the left was taken in a small room where I usually capture all images, and the right one was taken in my kitchen as an experiment. The being on the left photo seems to be singing while the right one is sleeping.

Below I explain the method I use to capture the images.


I use a plywood measuring 60x40cm covered with laminated silver paper very well stretched and fix the paper with tape on the back of the board. Lean it on a wall next to a window, and on a table covered with a white fabric and I take advantage of the daylight coming from the window that shines onto the laminate. I stand at a distance of 1.5 to 2m taking the utmost care so that my image does not reflect on the paper. Provided with a tablet, I wait for the formation of the images in the laminate and take the photograph. Gradually they form and disappear giving way to other images.


I started photographing in 2007 and until the end of 2012, I used different devices. Between 2007 and 2008, I made use of a digital camera Mavica FD90 Sony. In the years 2009 to 2012 have used other models of digital cameras, as well as mobile phones. Only from the beginning of 2013 to 2015, I started using a tablet model GT P6210 - 7.0 Samsung.


Shooting with the tablet is wonderful, because the device has a large screen and you can visualize the formation of images better. After shooting for about 5-10 minutes, I download the photos to my computer. Then I see one by one separating those with more visible  images, cut out, apply brightness, contrast and remove noise, for this I use Microsoft Picture Manager and editor to apply contrast and brightness enhancing the photos, and Free Photo Noise Reduction program to remove noise. Many beings usually take the opportunity of being photographed and appear very small overlapping the bigger ones. When this occurs, after downloading the pictures to the PC, I usually remove them using a rubber of the photo editor, but I sometimes I can’t remove them all.


Through all these years, I still use the same board. It is a shelf of an old cabinet and as for the laminated paper; I always use the same type which I change periodically 2-3 times a month. However, the contacts do not follow rules. The same can be accomplished in plywood, a polystyrene board, iron, aluminum, etc. Not even the paper matters so much, can be laminated silver paper or other color, photos or tapes can also be performed in water, steam, in smoke, in the television drizzle etc. Particularly I always use the same type of paper which is a laminated reflective silver one well stretched over the plywood so I do not make way to some kind of pareidolia (Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus. It is common to see pictures that seem to have meaning in clouds, mountains, rocky soils, forests, liquid, blurred windows and as many objects and placesPareidolia is a psychological phenomenon. It makes us recognize faces in any formation of light, shadow, objects or clouds that form basic features of a human face ).


Speaking of pareidolia, an important thing here I want to say, is that over the years, I have been paying attention to these contacts. I explain, regarding the capture of images, gradually I have been eliminating doubts about the veracity of it, that is, at first I thought that maybe I was capturing images formed by my own thought or figures formed due to the light emitted by the device when shooting the foil, or that I was with some psychological disorder, and these same doubts also occurred during the recordings, because I even thought it was my own voice that was recording the answers. But I realized it was not exactly that way, and that life on interdimension was a fact, from then on I decided to take this public with the information I have got through these years.


Regarding the capture of images, an interesting fact is that some pictures are very colorful, others have just a soft color and some are completely white, a fact that has always intrigued me a lot. Over the years of contacts (since 1992), and after analyzing, studying, researching, reflecting and ponder a lot, I was able to form an opinion and drew a conclusion, that both the audio as well as the images, there were never a recorded voice or a photo of some human spirit.


Therefore, I believe that the beings with which I have contact are not human.


In fact, the information obtained, is that these beings inhabit an intermediate plan, that is, they live between the physical and the spiritual plan and can move easily between them because they are endowed with a very subtle body and are different from humans, because they don’t pass through the stages: physical death, spiritual life and rebirth as us.


They are species known to us as nature spirits, which inhabit the immediate interdimension of our planet in different levels and degrees of consciousness. There exists both, benefactor spirits as well as evildoers, that is, there are thousands of them gathered in large groups from the dark ones that inhabit the depths or the unconscious, even the greatly enlightened or conscious (the angels, among them).


Over the years I have learned only a part regarding to the interdimension, because there is still much to learn, especially how is the - physical death / spiritual life / rebirth. Apparently it's all very simple, very well organized and no mysterious at all.


I make it clear, that if I do not make contact with the spirits of the dead, it does not mean others do not. There are several transcommunicators that make these contacts and they have greatly benefited their neighbors.


However, in my point of view, we must be extremely careful when making contact with the other side, because depending on the vibration we send, we can achieve beings that inhabit the shadows and this alliance could cost us too high a price to pay. I cite as an example, disturbances of all kinds: mental torments, unexplained illnesses, moral and physical pain, heavy losses in business, etc. It is always necessary to remember that the contacts between the plans are among living things, and some caution is necessary when dealing with living human of our physical world as well as with the species that inhabit the immediate interdimension of the Earth, for the spirits of "human dead 'cause no harm at all.


The important thing when it comes to communication with the interdimensional plan, is to disclose more and more the existence of these species or beings, who above all want and strive to preserve the fauna and flora of our planet.


Regarding to the photographs, personally I believe that the beauty of these images is in the eye of the viewer.

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